South Coast Property Awards partners

Media Partner – CoStar

Commercial property is one of the most important parts of the economy and it is one of the largest investment classes. Also nearly everyone enters a commercial property on a daily basis to work, shop or to be entertained.

CoStar Group exists to deliver efficiency and transparency to this sector by providing property professionals with real time data and insight.

Over 400,000 UK commercial property buildings are tracked in CoStar’s database where every change in their status is recorded – from space becoming available to it being let or sold, tenants moving in, leases expiring, or the building being demolished for example.

CoStar gathers and updates its data on an ongoing basis with over 8,000 sources, and has developed a state of the art research centre dedicated to monitoring the market.

Thousands of property professionals use CoStar’s online products to stay informed, find space to let or for sale, analyse properties & market performance and connect with their peers .

With CoStar data on their side, they can make faster and better informed commercial property decisions.

Our charity partner – The Rainbow Centre

We are delighted to be supporting The Rainbow Centre as the South Coast Property Awards charity.

The Rainbow Centre supports adults and children with neurological conditions including Parkinson’s, MS, Strokes, Cerebral Palsy and other brain injuries, from across seven counties in central southern England.

The Rainbow Centre’s service is based on Conductive Education, a system of neuro-rehabilitation that focuses on training the undamaged parts of the brain to take control of motor functions previously managed by parts of the brain that no longer work. The ultimate aim is to increase the independence of the adults and children and decrease their dependency on family members.  

The Rainbow Centre receives no statutory funding and so raises its funds by working with its community and corporate partners and applying for grants and trusts. The centre has three shops in West End, Milton and Fareham and also organises events.

For more information please visit